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Who are we? is an unofficial independent site built by Northern Irish resident Benjamin Griffiths (14), a pupil at Sullivan Upper [Rory McIlroy’s old school] assisted by his dad Tom Griffiths (age unspecified!) to help visitors to Northern Ireland for The Open get the most out of their trip to NI/Ireland and to enable them to ‘buy local’ to support our local traders.

“I love Portrush! We spend most weekends up here surfing, sand-boarding and messing around. It’s amazing that The Open is coming to Portrush and we thought this could be a great opportunity to build a site using our local knowledge to help people get around. I want to have a career in tech, so building sites like these are great learning experiences for me. This is my second website, however, this one I’ve built from scratch which has been challenging.

My dad is the ex founder of, a travel website – he’s an old man now – but in his early 20’s he was a travel writer and so I’ve drafted him in to write the travel content. He’s a bit slow, but he’s doing an ok job! I hope you find the site useful and enjoy your visit to Portrush and Northern Ireland. Please come back again and spend more of your moolah here because our lovely small businesses would appreciate it!”

Benjamin Griffiths, Founder,

Benjamin Griffiths | Surfing Portrush
My dad Tom | Site Editor | Wallowing in mud!

** PLEASE NOTE ** This is an unofficial site. For everything official please head to The Open website.

Why create this site?

There may be as many as 100,000 visitors to The Open. NI is a very small place, so this is an explosion of tourists for the Causeway Coast and Northern Ireland as a whole. Many people will take the opportunity to take a tour of Northern Ireland and Ireland whilst they’re here, so this site uses our local knowledge to show them how to do that from Portrush.

We know visitors to NI want to have an authentic experience here, eating in back street places, attending local arts events that celebrate our culture and maybe taking home a piece of NI as a souvenir. So we’ve created this site with  local businesses and Causeway Coast artists. It’s free for everyone to be on the site and we take you to them direct, promoted equally and fairly, no matter how big or small. It’s their site, their welcome, with all our insider tips and advice laid on to help you to have the best time as our guests.

We want you to have a brilliant time!

We’d love you to have an amazing time in Northern Ireland and consider coming back, or to share your stories with the world to maybe encourage others to visit one day. We’re open for business, up for the craic [find out what this word means here!] and we’re looking forward to welcoming you!

What would we like you to do?

1. Buy local
2. Share your travel stories with the world…

Buying local means you’re helping provide piano lessons and football boots for local kids! So please visit our shops, take our tours, meet our people, have a wonderful time and then tell the world… and please come back again soon. Tagging your pics and social content with the tags #causewaycoast and #NI enables us to showcase to the world.