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Northern Ireland is really small, roughly the same size as the metropolis of New York. Drive 2 hours in any direction and you’ll hit the sides! Our trains are great from Belfast to Portrush, but they are small, stop everywhere and are likely to be standing room only during The Open. Trains do not also go to many of our counties. Buses/coaches are good but to be honest, for getting about and sightseeing, you’re best to hire a car. This will give you freedom and flexibiity. We think the best of NI is off the beaten track – so we’d advise that you hire a car and go and discover! This section helps you do that. Enjoy! :O) ps private hire available if you don’t want to drive yourself.

Pick up spots N.Ireland

All our airports are tiny in comparison to most airports you’ll be used to around the world. This means that car hire is all on site, close by and quick to sort out for pick up and drop off.

Pick up spots Rep. Ireland

Renting cars from the Republic of Ireland and driving them up to Portrush is easy to do. Yes, different countries but the driving laws are identical, same side of the road etc.

How to get to the Portrush Open

Top tourist sites of Northern Ireland

Chauffeur | Private Hire | Private Tours at The Portrush Open

If you are looking for chauffeurs or private hire cars this is a collaboration of Northern Irish chauffeur companies (includes some licensed for additional security/close protection work), to help you find the right people for you. The collaboration has one point of contact through Trevor to ensure everyone looking for a driver can find someone qualified, trustworthy and reliable.

Full time hire for The Open | Airport runs | Accommodation to The Open taxi | Private tours | Corporate bookings [on call for the duration] | VIP’s and VVIP’s [experienced with Government/high profile business people]