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Portrush Open 2019 | 3 Best Fish & Chip Shops on the Causeway Coast

Northern Ireland has both the Irish Sea and the North East Atlantic off our coast, cold deep water that is an ideal breeding ground for world class seafood. Which means that we have some of the tastiest fish & chips in the world. If you’ve never had them before essentially it is fish cooked in a batter accompanied by chips. Eat the whole thing, we’d recommend covered in salt and vinegar. Is it healthy? No. Is it one of our cultural dishes and something you should try before you go home? Yes!

The fish in fish and chips is usually cod, but you can choose haddock also, which is slightly more sustainable. Traditionally served in newspaper/paper. What else would we order with them? Order with mushy peas to be traditional (not for everyone, but give them a go!). Maybe a gerkin or a pickled onion.

A quick guide on the local slang to help you with your ordering (taken from our Guide to N.Irish slang to use at The Open):

– Chips or fries. Uniquely in NI we say ‘Chip’, singular. So chips + gravy, you would ask for ‘a gravy chip please’. Chips + curry sauce, you would ask for  ‘a curry chip’.

Fish Supper
– Fish & chips. If you ask for ‘Fish & chips’ or ‘Cod & chips’ you’ll easily be identified as a tourist. Asking for a ‘Fish supper’ is how you ask for fish & chips in Northern Ireland. And we have some fantastic fish & chip shops on the Causeway Coast – so we’d recommend you try them out before you go. This is best used as a throw away comment at The Open, such as at the end of the day after the last putt – you announce loudly to no one in particular “that’s me away for a fish supper!”. You’ll get nods of approval from the locals.


The Dolphin Fish & Chips | Portrush
Situated on the road into Portrush from The Royal Portrush Golf Club, 10 minutes walk.

Flash in the Pan Fish & Chips, Bushmills
Located in Bushmills, home of the famous Bushmills Whiskey Distillery, the world’s oldest licensed distillery (1608). About 15 minutes from Portrush it’s well worth a visit and the perfect place to have a snack if you visit the distillery. If a nice day walk behind the shop and sit on the wall next to the river for the perfect fish and chip eating venue!

Morton’s Fish and Chip shop, Ballycastle
Located right on the water front at Ballycastle, it doesn’t get any better or fresher! Eat outside with the sounds and smell of the sea to have one of the best fish and chip experiences on the Causeway Coast.


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