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Portrush Open 2019 | Weather Guide

If you ask locals what the weather is like in Portrush, this is what they will genuinely say
“If you can’t see Scotland then it’s raining. If you can see Scotland … then it’s about to rain!”

Northern Ireland is green for a reason. We love our rain here! On the Causeway Coast the weather is fantastic – it is raw, wild and unpredictable. But it never puts us off. The famous expression that “there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes” applies here. Even in the rain you’ll see locals out for walks, on the beaches etc.

So, prepare for rain, wind and cold – depending on what part of the world you’re coming from and how cold is cold to you. In July you might get 20-25 degrees centigrade, sun, no wind, beautiful huge blue skies. In 2018 in the heatwave temperatures got up to 30. Typically in July you’ll get 15-20 degrees on the Causeway Coast at Portrush. Rain showers will come and go – so as the locals quite rightly say:

“If you don’t like the weather then wait an hour – it will change”

So expect it to be changeable. We hope you get amazing weather whilst you’re here. But if it’s not the best, don’t let it put you off – come rain or shine, everything still goes on as normal on the Causeway Coast!

Northern Irish rain

Proper wetting rain
– it’ll soak you through. Prepare for this type of rain. Bring a highly water-proof and wind-proof jacket. Ideally a light one that can be taken off and carried around easily when the weather breaks.

Northern Irish wind

The North Coast is rugged and exposed and The Royal Portrush Golf Course is on the top of exposed dunes above the beach. Winds from the North, East and West will hit you. Usually too much for umbrellas, so if you’re bringing an umbrella, bring a strong one!

Portrush water temperature

If you’re from the Arctic you’ll find our 12-15 degrees centigrade water very pleasant indeed. If you’re from a country with palm trees and warm lapping waters, you’ll freeze! We’re not going to lie. If you’re used to hot weather and warm water and you run into our sea in your budgie smugglers / swimming cossie, you’ll be out pretty quick. This is why we all wear wetsuits. You can hire wetsuits at all the beaches and in the surf shops in town – our surfing section will guide you on how enjoy our amazing surf.


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