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You might notice that Northern Ireland is very green. That’s because it rains a lot! Hopefully the rain will hold off for your visit. The upside of this is that we have lots of fresh green grass for our animals to feed on and things grow well here. Which means we have one of the safest food chains in the world (we feed our animals very little non-natural food) and some of the tastiest produce. And because we are on an island it’s often easier and cheaper to eat what we produce rather than ship it in, so our ‘buy local’ scene is strong.

Whilst you’re here do look out for, and choose, the local items on our menus as this helps support our farmers and producers and give you the tastiest produce to eat. And look for ‘Made in Northern Ireland’ on labels to support our small artisan producers. Most of their products you’ll never see anywhere out of NI, so please enjoy them while you’re here. If you’re a bit of a foodie and you’d like to fit some of this into your visit here around the golf there are food tours all over NI, local markets to visit and food related activities you’ll love.

This section helps you do all that. As always, we’d love you to share your experienced and our food stories with the world using #causewaycoast and #NI. Thank you!

Guide to the local foods of Northern Ireland

Top 3 Fish & Chip shops on the Causeway Coast

The craft brewers & distillers of Northern Ireland

The artisan chocolate producers of Northern Ireland

Causeway Coast Food Tours

Causeway Coast Foodie Tours
Toast the Coast | Causeway Coast Food Tour
Irish Feast | Causeway Coast Food Tour

Belfast Food Tours

Artisan food gift boxes

BITETOSAVOUR is an NI business that showcases Northern Irish and Irish artisan producers. They have a range of food gift boxes in 100% recyclable packaging that can be shipped to your door anywhere in the world. So if you’d like to take a bit of Northern Ireland home with you, whilst supporting our smallest artisan producers, this is the perfect gift for you. Each contains a mixture of bake-it-yourself wheaten or soda bread, delicious locally made chocolate, fudge, biscuits, local tea, a locally designed tea-towel. For the full range CLICK HERE or see the most popular choices below.

Belfast Artisan Food Box
Taste of N.Ireland - artisan food
Northern Ireland Chocolate Box
Northern Ireland Fudge Box

Lacada Co-operative Brewery | Portrush

Lacada is a community owned Co-Operative brewery based on the world famous North Coast of Ireland. It began with a father and son brewing together and grew to become a group of co-operative minded, good beer loving aficionados. CLICK HERE to read their story…

NORN IRON | Craft Beer ('Norn Iron' is the local nickname for NI)

Norn Iron craft beer is a brand new craft beer, created by passionate artisans who use the finest Northern Irish water (with our rain, we have lots of beautiful water!) and locally grown hops. Temple Porter is named after Mussenden Temple, just 30 mins from Portrush.  To find out where to sample this beauty, CLICK HERE.