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Take a virtual tour of the Giants Causway!

Thomas McVea at has kindly provided us with a free virtual tour of the Giants Causway below. Thanks Thomas! Please head to his site for more great 360 tours of NI and Ireland.

Described as the 8th Wonder of the World, the Giants Causeway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Northern Ireland’s most visited tourist attraction. It’s the thing you ‘have’ to do whilst you’re here and given that it’s only 20 minutes down the road from Portrush, it would be a shame not to. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

The best advice to get the most of it is to take one of the audio tours, stick the headphones on and be guided around the site. You’ll learn about the legend of Finn McCool, spot things you’d never notice like the camel, boot, chimney stack … have a chance to make a wish in the wishing seat and come away with the full experience. Otherwise you’ll wander down to a pile of uniquely shaped rocks – sure, it’ll be an experience – but you’ll miss out and miss the point!

If you’re physically up for the walk we’d advise you walk down to the causeway, take it all in and then continue through the site, up the paths on the other side and walk back to your car over the headlands. You’ll get stunning views, great photos and really take in the natural beauty of the place.

3 things to note…

1 – July is busy anyway. Add in the tens of thousands expected at The Open, most of who will visit the site – get up early! It can get very busy, so best to avoid the crowds.

2 – you might read that you can walk into the site for free along the coast path. This is true. However, we would encourage you to pay the entrance fee through the National Trust site as this funds them (and us in NI) to maintain the site. Also the exhibition in the centre and audio tour are brilliant and really make the visit complete.

3 – if you can get in, a pint of Guinness accompanied by a bowl of garlic chips in the historic Causeway Hotel, is a great way to refresh after the walk. As a reminder please share your pics and social comments with the world tagged with #causewaycoast and #NI. Thank you!

Giants Causeway