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If you’ve brought your clubs with you or you have time as part of your trip to take in a few holes in Northern Ireland or as part of a trip around the Island of Ireland, this section shows you how. Northern Ireland has played its part in the history of golf – the Golfing Union of Ireland is the world’s oldest golfing union, set up in 1891 – and we’re proud to boast that per capita we believe that we’re the world’s most successful golfing nation over the past decade.

How did we figure that out? If you take the populations of the world and divide by the golfing trophies they have won, NI with only 1.8 million people but with the success of McIlroy, Clark and McDowell seriously punches above its weight right at the top. What do we put this down to? Well it’s not just our amazing courses and ‘determined’ genes – the reality is that our youngsters play in atrocious weather on water-logged courses most of the year!! If you can play golf in those conditions, the perfect greens in glorious sunshine on overseas courses are a doddle! That and there’s something in the water :O)

Northern Ireland | Made for golf - where do you want to play?

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