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Over the past wee while, ‘Our Rory’ has put Northern Ireland on the world’s golfing map. From a small town called Holywood (pronounced ‘Hollywood’) nestled on the side of Belfast Lough, only 6 miles from Belfast, Rory went to Sullivan Upper School, the school Benjamin Griffiths the 14 year old co-founder of this site currently goes to. Holywood is also the home of Van Morrison and Jamie Dornan (actor from Fifty Shades of Grey). Van is often seen wandering around the town (local tip – don’t approach him – he’s not sociable!), same for Jamie and Rory when they’re back home to see their folks and their friends.

So, if you’re down Belfast way stop by Holywood for a look see. Aside the two golf clubs where a precocious young Rory learnt his trade (Holywood Golf Club and The Royal Belfast Golf Club) you might like to visit our historic town with it’s 13th century priory and motte (site of a fort which King John was alleged to have stayed in 1210) and a load of fantastic coffee shops and eateries worth trying out. But to reinforce the point that if you do spot Van Morrison, he is often seen out and about, don’t approach him – we don’t want any international incidents!! :O)

Play on Rory's home course

How to get to Holywood

Stay in the magnificant Culloden Hotel

One of NI’s best hotels, minutes from the course

Proud of our old school mate!

"Rory back at his old school, Sullivan Upper - the school I am currently at. We're very proud to call him our own!" Benjamin Griffiths, Co-Founder, Click pic to see our school.

12th century Abbey | Holywood

THE PRIORY | HOLYWOOD. The original site dates back to the 7th century. This building dates from the 12th Century. Holywood has a fantastic history and loads of class eateries - we're only 6 miles from Belfast - so why not pop by to check us out. We'd love to see you!