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If you stand on Portstewart Strand you’ll see Mussenden Temple on the headland in the distance. A magical place it sits proud on the headland as a testament to times gone by … when wealthy people used to build remarkable places like these in these incredible locations. I don’t think our current planning laws would let this one slip through! Although it looks close, it’s a bit further than you think as you need to cross the Bann river at Coleraine and then head out of town again. Allow yourself 30 mins from Portrush. So what is it? More, what it was. It was a library, a reading room. Is it worth visiting? Definitely! The temple is perched right on the edge of the cliff, so flat against the window you’re looking down a serious drop. There is a ruined house up there too which is worth walking through on the way to the temple. You can see from the maps how the house used to be, what was where – it’s very well laid out and easy to follow. As for the temple, it is a photographic dream. You can’t fail to get an amazing shot and the view from the headland, as well as the building itself, makes the visit worthwhile.

Mussenden Temple